DMD2 recommends: “The Code” by Nemo

Nemo won the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the powerful song “The Code” and made history! As the first non-binary winner of the competition, Nemo has taken the hearts of Europe by storm. The song, which is about Nemo’s journey to self-acceptance and identity, impressed with a powerful message and a rousing performance.

Nemo, born in Biel/Bienne, is a versatile musician and singer who plays the violin, piano and drums. Since his breakthrough in 2016, Nemo has released numerous EPs and singles and established himself on the Swiss music scene. The success of “The Code” is also reflected in the charts, where the song became the most streamed entry in the competition after its release on Spotify.

Der Erfolg von „The Code“ spiegelt sich auch in den Charts wider, wo der Song nach seiner Veröffentlichung auf Spotify der meistgestreamte Beitrag im Wettbewerb wurde.

A truly epic musical experience not to be missed!


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