Playlists for your needs, enriched with your jingles on request. Spots and announcements.

Over 100 playlists, licensed throughout.

Personalised announcements, spots & jingles

Simple handling & editorially maintained

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technology & emotion

Soundtracks for bars, hotels, restaurants; stimulation for shops, branches; background music for studios, practices; sounds for fitness centres. Songs, genres, playlists for your business. Even more effective with your jingles, spots and announcements.

Edited and commercially licensed. Test now!

Music concepts for your business


Sophisticated sounds
for superior hospitality.

Selection from over 100 channels customised to the needs of the hotel and catering industry; editorially prepared playlists.

Individual, distinctive music solutions on request, also with jingles and spots.


Sounds & spots
for satisfying shopping.

The best music for shopping centres, branches, shops and boutiques.

From a single hairdressing salon to 800+ Denner branches, we serve them all with their individual music, announcements and spots.

Fitness & Health

Top music
for focused recreation.

Editorially supervised music streams: energising playlists for training, relaxing channels for your practice, music gems for the retirement home. On request, individually and uniquely prepared for your brand, enhanced with jingles and spots.


Music software
for innovation in business.

We build and operate your radio channel according to your needs, with or without host. Automated and highly efficient in operation, with heart and emotion in effect.

Complementary: Branding and promotion

DMD2 Spots

Announcements, spots & jingles

We produce and distribute individual announcements, spots and jingles for personalised advertising in your streams.
Platform-independent and to be combined with any stream.

DMD2 Music

How it works

The easiest way to receive our music streams stress-free. Easy to combine with your existing devices.

DMD2 Blog

DMD2 recommends: “Panta Rhei” by Troubas Kater

Troubas Kater, the versatile band from Bern, delight audiences with their unique mix of dialect rap, folk and pop. Founded in 2015, the band combines Bernese dialect rap with lush brass sections, earthy drums and a lyrical accordion, resulting in an unmistakable and captivating sound. Their music playfully tells stories

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DMD2 recommends: “The Code” by Nemo

Nemo won the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the powerful song “The Code” and made history! As the first non-binary winner of the competition, Nemo has taken the hearts of Europe by storm. The song, which is about Nemo’s journey to self-acceptance and identity, impressed with a powerful message and

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