Audio spots,
Announcements & Jingles

The influence of targeted customer information on shopping behaviour is undisputed. The use of promotional spots boosts sales by up to 20%. We produce and distribute your announcements, spots and jingles.


With DMD2 spot technology, you coordinate your audio spots across one, several or all branches. You communicate precisely, recognisably and uniformly. DMD2 Spots works as a stand-alone solution. DMD2 Spots can be easily combined with any existing sound system or expanded into a complete in-store solution.

Distribution platform

audio announcements in realtime. From the cloud.

The cloud-based control software DMD2 Spots enables flexible planning and central control of your acoustic sales information.

The system can be controlled from anywhere, even via smartphone. DMD2 Spots thus also enables the short-term placement of in-store spots for sales promotions and offers with minimal lead time. So that the perishable goods go over the counter and don’t end up as waste. You gain what you have long wanted: maximum responsiveness.

You feed your announcements and spots into the DMD2 Spots scheduler, determine the shop group, the start time, the periodicity as well as the end date of the broadcast.

DMD2 Spots is designed as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). This means that the latest version is always available to you.


Sales boost & image gain

Extended access to customers

With DMD2 Spots, you provide your customers in-store with targeted acoustic sales information.
You communicate precisely, recognisably and uniformly.

Promotion of selected goods.

With DMD2 Spots you promote the products of your choice.
In case of third-party products, you generate additional income through advertising cost subsidies from your suppliers.

Flexible control

DMD2 Spots enables long-term planning of your sales information AND the short-term placement
of in-store spots for sales promotions with minimal lead time.

Central control

DMD2 Spots enables the central placement of in-store spots and announcements in all shops or in defined shop groups up to individual placement in selected shops.

Add-on to existing solution

DMD2 Spots works as a stand-alone solution and as an add-on to your existing audio solution. You only purchase the services that are useful to you.

Expandable to a complete solution

Combined with DMD2 Music, our music service, DMD2 Spots can be expanded into an integrated in-store radio solution.


Samples from our DMD2 Spots factory

Whether you need a large quantity of simple, pre-configured announcements or want to play out campaign-based in-store spots – we produce your announcements in our in-house studio with professional speakers in German, French, Italian, English. We will be happy to advise you on the type, use and effectiveness of your spots.

Samples from our DMD2 Spots factory

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Sophisticated sounds for superior hospitality.


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Pleasing sounds for a relaxed ambiance.


Music software for innovation in business.

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