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The easiest way to receive our music streams stress-free. Easy to combine with your existing devices.

Hardware & Apps

Music Streaming the easy way.

Our DMD2 music services reach your ears and the ears of your customers in a variety of ways. Be it via wired internet and hardware player, be it via wifi and smartphone app, we offer the solution that suits your needs.

How it works


DMD2 Music with iOS and Android Apps

Do you use an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone as your music source? Great, then all you need is our DMD2 Music app and you can choose the right sound from our numerous music programmes. Create favourites and transfer the music wirelessly to your system in the best stereo quality.

DMD2 Music with Barix Exstreamer

In large projects, the network receivers from the Swiss company Barix prove their worth. They can be integrated very flexibly into existing audio systems. We deliver them pre-configured and ready to use.

The Barix network receivers adapt to the use in operation. They require very little power (<10W) and have a sophisticated backup system (so that the music always plays, even if network access should be interrupted). System integrators appreciate the open architecture of the units, which makes control via systems such as AMX® or Crestron® easy.

DMD2 Music with Lode Multiroom Audio

Lode is a powerful audio platform that works in the background and can be controlled via mobile devices, computers or professional control systems. Powerful multi-zone technology means you can conjure up different acoustic moods in different zones, as well as have multiple zones play the same programme together in absolute sync.

DMD2 Music is also available as a music service in Lode systems.

DMD2 Music with trivum

Trivum is a German manufacturer of smart multi-room music systems that are characterized by their ease of use and seamless integration into KNX-controlled home automation systems. They offer a range of solutions, from individual rooms to fully networked homes.

Users can control the systems via a permanently installed control element or a mobile app, which enables uniform and intuitive use. Built-in speakers are also available to create an almost invisible audio environment.

DMD2 Music is also available as a music service in trivum systems.

DMD2 Music with Sonos

DMD2 Music is also available on the millions of Wi-Fi music systems from Sonos: Simply select DMD2 Music under “Music Services” in the Sonos Controller app, enter your user details and you’re done!

DMD2 Music can also be used without restriction in multi-zone setups, i.e. all channels are available to all loudspeakers in the same system.

DMD2 Music with web player

The easiest way to listen to DMD2 Music: Your web browser! *)
Play now the channels of your choice via your computer in the best stereo quality. And the player looks as good as it sounds. Including cover display in full format and “dark mode”.

*) best with a Chrome browser

DMD2 Music with Volumio

Volumio is a multi-award winning digital music system for audio enthusiasts. It gives you access to your own music files as well as to various streaming services. One of these is DMD2 Music. The Volumio software is available free of charge on the homepage.

Volumio runs on various player platforms, e.g. also on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

DMD2 Music with Apple TV

The tvOS app for Apple TV set-top boxes is also available for free download from the App Store. Instantly play music on any screen, in the lobby, in the suites, etc.

DMD2 Music with Samsung Smart TV

The DMD2 Music App for Samsung Smart TVs offers not only the reception of all music channels but also the possibility to conjure up individual hotel information / slides on the screens of your suites.

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