Corporate Radio

We build and operate your radio channel according to your needs, with or without host. Automated and highly efficient in operation, with heart and emotion in effect.

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Corporate Radio

We support you on a broad range.

Radio. Newest generation.

By DMD2 Corporate Radio we mean the production of 100% individualized radio solutions for our customers.

These projects are, by their very nature, very different: sometimes we provide our technology platform, sometimes we advise on the right music repertoire or programming, or we take care of the program distribution on all desired vectors, from Internet streaming to DAB broadcasting.

In many cases, we take care of the whole package: concept, project management, music editing, production, distribution and operation. Get an idea of what is possible with DMD2 Corporate Radio. And we have by no means exhausted all the varieties. Curious?

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Complementary: Branding and promotion

DMD2 Spots

Announcements, spots & jingles

We produce and distribute individual announcements, spots and jingles for personalised advertising in your streams.
Platform-independent and to be combined with any stream.

Your own program

Custom - for highest demands and maximum flexibility

We offer to create a music concept exclusively for your brand and to maintain it regularly.

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