DMD2 recommends: “Panta Rhei” by Troubas Kater

Troubas Kater, the versatile band from Bern, delight audiences with their unique mix of dialect rap, folk and pop. Founded in 2015, the band combines Bernese dialect rap with lush brass sections, earthy drums and a lyrical accordion, resulting in an unmistakable and captivating sound.

Their music playfully tells stories about serious longings, euphoric steps into the unknown and the morning after. The lead singer and lyricist QC, alias Markus Sollberger, brings a special touch to the band’s songs with his charismatic voice and profound lyrics.

Troubas Kater hat in den letzten Jahren mehrere Alben veröffentlicht. Their latest single “Panta Rhei” fascinates with summery, carefree sounds and picks up on the old saying “Panta Rhei”, which means “everything flows”.

On June 14, Troubas Kater will perform at the Leimentaler Openair, on June 29 at the Aarbärger Fescht and on June 30 at the Openair St. Gallen. These events promise musical highlights that should not be missed.



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