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DMD2 recommends: “Panta Rhei” by Troubas Kater

Troubas Kater, the versatile band from Bern, delight audiences with their unique mix of dialect rap, folk and pop. Founded in 2015, the band combines Bernese dialect rap with lush brass sections, earthy drums and a lyrical accordion, resulting in an unmistakable and captivating sound. Their music playfully tells stories


DMD2 recommends: “Austin” by Dasha

Dasha’s new hit “Austin” tells the moving story of a young woman struggling with betrayal and longing. Originally looking forward to a fresh start in Los Angeles, her dreams were shattered by a broken promise from her partner, plunging her into a maelstrom of confusion and heartbreak. The raw honesty


DMD2 recommends: Dabu Fantastic “Aline”

With spring comes Dabu Fantastic’s new single “Aline”, a story of unexpected love that begins at a summer festival. The euphoric piano melody in a glittering, rocking pop guise brings back memories of the best summer and the catchy chorus invites you to sing along. Written in collaboration with Nemo,


DMD2 recommends: BOY LOCO “Slow Dancing”

BOY LOCO’s latest release showcases Irish singer Flynn’s distinctive voice, imbued with the storytelling finesse of his Irish heritage, in perfect harmony with the multi-instrumental arrangements of Welsh virtuoso Tudor. Flynn, from Mullingar, Ireland, has made a name for himself thanks to his unique vocal style and song lyrics. His


DMD2 recommends: Hadar Sopher “Which Way To Go”

Hadar Sopher, the voice from the rough streets of Tel Aviv! Originally from Israel, this talented singer and songwriter has his roots anchored in the authentic sounds of his homeland.       Click here for the official video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykdQw08gB0


DMD2 recommends: Lavai “Brave like this”

Lavai, the up-and-coming 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Thun (BE), has captured hearts with her first ballad “Brave like this”! 🎶 Her versatile voice and her natural flair for catchy tunes make her unmistakable. She is currently working hard on her first EP, and this emotional track is a foretaste


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