Music Talk interview with “Wintershome” at the Music Days 2024 in Steffisburg

Today we had the pleasure of talking to the band “Wintershome” from Zermatt as part of the Music Days in Steffisburg. The band, known for its unique blend of folk and pop, has established a firm place for itself in the Swiss music scene in recent years.

Wintershome consists of five members: Maria, Pirmin, Martial, Romaine and Joel.

The band was recently in London to record new songs. These recordings reflect their deep connection to nature and personal development.

We have already reported on Wintershome in a “DMD2 recommends” reel. In today’s Music Talk, we were able to gain even deeper insights into their creative journey and the creation of their latest songs. Wintershome, who have already performed on major stages such as Zermatt Unplugged and the Montreux Jazz Festival, delight their fans with their warm and lively music.

Watch the full video of our Music Talk to find out more about Wintershome’s current projects and inspiring music.


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