DMD2 recommends: “Austin” by Dasha

Dasha’s new hit “Austin” tells the moving story of a young woman struggling with betrayal and longing. Originally looking forward to a fresh start in Los Angeles, her dreams were shattered by a broken promise from her partner, plunging her into a maelstrom of confusion and heartbreak. The raw honesty of the lyrics reflects the deep disappointment and unanswered questions that many experience in their relationships.

Since its official release in November, “Austin” has gone viral on TikTok, with over 300,000 videos using the sound. In addition to the song’s success for its infectious lyrics and catchy melody, Dasha also started a TikTok trend with “Austin” by creating a line-dance choreography to the song. By sharing tutorials, she has built up a remarkable fan base who imitate her moves and continue to share the song.

The singer, Dasha Novotny, comes from San Luis Obispo, California and has established herself as a rising star in modern country music. Her debut album “What Happens Now?”, which was released on 16 February, not only showed her musical versatility, but also furthered the success of her hit “Austin”. With a mixture of passion, talent and dedication, Dasha took to the stage and proved that she is a powerful voice in the music scene that will produce many more hits.

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