DMD2 Music – Your partner for music in business

DMD2 Music – Your partner for music in business

DMD2 Music is an excellent and legally secure music supplier specialising in the commercial environment.

Quality selectionOn our platform we offer a wide range of high-quality music in various genres to fulfil the different needs of our customers. The streams follow a well thought-out dramaturgy over hours, days and weeks. DMD2 Music thus contributes to the creation of a lasting pleasant atmosphere and to the improvement of the respective brand image.

Customer support – DMD2 Music offers excellent customer support to help with music programming and licensing issues. This is in order to offer customers the best possible support.

Legal compliance – DMD2 Music pays strict attention to compliance with copyright and licence regulations. This ensures that customers do not run any legal risks when using the music in business or public spaces.

Supporting the music industry – By using DMD2 Music’s music streams, customers actively contribute to supporting music creators, as the licence fees go to artists and composers.

DMD2 Music, as a trusted source of licensed music, enables organisations to use high quality and legally protected music in commercial and public spaces. So that your sales staff can devote their full attention to your customers.

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