The importance of licensing music in business and public spaces

The importance of licensing music in business and public spaces

Music is an integral part of our daily lives. It accompanies us in supermarkets, restaurants, shops and even in queues at the airport. But what many people don’t (want to) know: The use of music in business and public spaces is subject to legal regulations. The licensing of music is of great importance in such environments. Many streaming providers have licences for private use only. The music you obtain from DMD2 Music is licensed for use in a commercial environment. With DMD2 Music you are legally protected.

Respect copyrights – pieces of music are the intellectual property of artists and composers. If music is played in commercial and public spaces without the appropriate licences, this infringes the creators’ copyrights. Correct licensing ensures that artists are fairly remunerated for their work.

Avoid legal consequences – Unauthorised use of music is an infringement of copyright and can lead to costly legal action that can severely damage a company’s reputation and finances.

Quality music for customers – Using licensed music allows companies to select high quality music from a wide range of genres. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers and enhances the brand image.

Social responsibility – The music industry relies on income from licence fees to provide artists and composers with a fair income. Through licensing, companies contribute to the support of music creators and demonstrate social responsibility.

Promoting diversity – Music licensing enables companies to use a wide range of music genres. This contributes to cultural diversity and allows the musical experience to be customised for specific target groups.

DMD2 Music: legally protected – The music streams you receive from DMD2 Music are legally protected. We have international licences, which we process via SUISA and Audion. Investing in the correct licensing of music with DMD2 Music is therefore a worthwhile measure for your company.

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