is now DMD2 Music!

Welcome trivum visitor!

Discover a whole new musical experience for your trivum installation now! Thanks to a subscription of DMD2 Music – already from CHF 13.90 per month!

With DMD2 Music you get over 100 premium music channels in your home, depending on your subscription, with high availability, always new tracks and of course without commercial breaks.

This is how DMD2 Music works with trivum

DMD2 Music (formerly is available as a music service on the trivum system. Simply select “DMD2 Music” in the list of music services. Enter your user name, done! All music packages according to your subscription are conveniently available directly in the trivum system.

Register now using the link below and enjoy two weeks of unadulterated music enjoyment directly via your trivum installation, in the best audio quality, free of charge and without obligation.



At home on many platforms

Our DMD2 Music channels can be received with a variety of player technologies, according to your needs and capabilities.

Bild: App "So funktioniert's"

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