Which licenses for background music in public spaces? Information letter from SWISSPERFORM and AUDION

An important but often neglected aspect of music use in the commercial sector is licensing. It seems to be generally known that sound reinforcement in publicly accessible spaces requires a performance license, regulated in the so-called GT3a of SUISA and SWISSPERFORM.

Less well known, however: Music services such as Spotify and Apple Music are intended exclusively for private use. When using your own playlists, Spotify or Apple Music, you must therefore also purchase a so-called transfer license. Without the correct licensing, companies expose themselves to legal risks.

DMD2 ensures that access to its diverse music content is legally protected through partnerships with music publishers and rights collecting societies.

SWISSPERFORM, the society for ancillary copyrights and AUDION, licensing agency for music for selected uses, have written an information letter which explains the complex copyright situation in a simple and understandable way. The letter is attached here.

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