DMD2 recommends: BOY LOCO “Slow Dancing”

BOY LOCO’s latest release showcases Irish singer Flynn’s distinctive voice, imbued with the storytelling finesse of his Irish heritage, in perfect harmony with the multi-instrumental arrangements of Welsh virtuoso Tudor.

Flynn, from Mullingar, Ireland, has made a name for himself thanks to his unique vocal style and song lyrics. His partner in this musical project, Tudor, brings a rich emotional depth, his production talents evident in his extensive catalog of over 250 million Spotify streams and collaborations with artists like Diplo and Hayden James.

‘Slow Dancing’ is a tender offering – Flynn’s soulful voice paired with Tudor’s instrumentation create a soundscape that transports listeners into a world of loving devotion. With lyrics that touch the heart and melodies that stay in your head, this track could become an anthem for all those seeking comfort in the arms of a loved one.

Even before its release, ‘Slow Dancing’ had already collected over half a million likes through its TikTok teaser!


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