DMD2 Music: Quality music service in trivum systems

DMD2 Music: Quality music service in trivum systems

One of DMD2 Music’s technical assets is the simple integration of our high-quality music streams into numerous music systems. The German manufacturer trivum has made a name for itself in the world of smart multi-room music systems. DMD2 Music is now integrated into the trivum players.

trivum is known for its Smart Multiroom music systems, which not only offer high sound quality, but also stand out for their ease of use and configuration. The systems offer solutions for various applications, from equipping individual rooms to networking the entire house. A key feature of trivum is the built-in KNX support for easy integration into home automation systems and seamless integration into your smart home environment.

The combination of trivum and DMD2 Music offers interesting advantages for hotels, restaurants and shops in terms of user experience, flexibility and integration into the commercial environment. For example, hotels and shops can create the right atmosphere from the lobby to restaurants and meeting rooms by selecting the right music.

The integration of DMD2 Music as a music service in trivum systems gives users access to our wide-ranging music universe and thus the opportunity to stream their favourite music directly via the trivum system.

The partnership with trivum was made possible through the mediation of WETA Digital Solutions in Thusis. WETA equips many hotels in Graubünden with trivum systems and knows and appreciates the services of DMD2, as the latest successful collaboration in equipping the Hotel Krone in Churwalden proves once again.

Conclusion: A functional connection.

To summarise, trivum and DMD2 Music offer a useful integration for smart multi-room music systems. The integration of trivum into KNX-controlled home automation systems, its ease of use and the possibility of creating an unobtrusive audio environment make trivum an interesting option.

For those looking for a comprehensive music system for their smart home, the combination of trivum and DMD2 Music could be worth a look. Explore the possibilities of intelligent music playback and discover the connection between technology and music in an unobtrusive way.

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