Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite (VÖ 2. Juli)

Wegen “grossem internationalem Interesse” hat man sich entschlossen, die neue Kylie Minogue Single “All The Lovers” zwei Wochen früher zu veröffentlichen als geplant (neu am 13. Juni). Vielleicht wollte man auch nur dem Leechen der Single und später des Albums “Aphrodite” vorauskommen. Letzteres kommt übrigens am 2. Juli in die Läden. Aber wie auch immer: […]

To accompany the guests with music

Hospitality music solutions through the internet Thanks to internet channels, music offers for hotels and restaurants which are tailored for spe- cific customer groups and target audiences have become attainable at a reasonable price. Not long ago, the installation of expensive music computers was neccessary to adjust to different guests’ requirements. However,  the advantages of […]

Follow Barix Radio on Twitter

As innovative as it can get ! As you might know, we are producing Barix Radio, a webradio station for our Hardware partner. You can now follow Barix Radio on Twitter ! Regular tweets update about the next three titles to play, together with a direct listen link. Barix Radio – an easy to listen […]