Strategic use of sound through a specially designed radio programme in the retail area: that’s by DMD². Our aim is to provide a perfect solution with continuous updates throughout your radio programme featuring trailers and image tracks on demand which can be adapted by location. There are many benefits for an individual solution compared to running a regular playlist. Not only can it be adapted to individual needs – such as news and trailers set on a particular time and weekday – it also is operated and maintained by DMD². Our strength to respond on your needs in real time makes a powerful means of communication at your point of sale. Using sound to reach out to your customers is a powerful and widely spread way of subtle marketing. Its influence on people’s behaviour and wellbeing has been recognised and used for strategic purposes. Providing the perfect environment for customers while shopping can make a difference. The right music can induce the right mode of conduct at your point of sales. Based on a long lasting working relationship with the music industry we can not only ensure you to benefit from a wide range of music genres – which include newest releases as well as established artists – but also co-marketing packages. With no more effort than switching on the radio in the morning, we will do all the rest for you. Please visit our websitefor further information and a live set of listening samples.

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