Using sound to reach out to your customers is a powerful and widely spread way of subtle marketing. Its influence on people’s behaviour and wellbeing has been recognised and used for strategic purposes. Providing the perfect environment for customers while shopping, waiting in a hotel lounge, at a bar or at reception can make a difference. The right music can induce the right mode of conduct. While the environment provides all sorts of sounds it is of utmost importance to us, to choose the right sound for every occasion at any time. DMD² provides additional channels for special occasions or temporary seasonal events. will do exactly that for you! Its variety of channels contains various programmes which includes sounds for hotel lounges, restaurants, spa areas, bars or elevators and can be extended to suit all needs. Its programme will be maintained and supported by DMD² without involvement from your side. Local and regional needs will be taken care of.

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    • Now playing: Custom programmed music for the Hotel Cervo in Zermatt:

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