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Today we are introducing some music style to our readers only few people are common with: West Coast.

Everyone though that has been to the USA, has heard such music. It’s genre is best described with Soft-Rock or Pop-Jazz. In the States, this music genre is – and has always been – very popular, there are radio stations that only play such music all day long.

No one would probably think of this man being a Swiss citizen living in the Aargauer Freiamt. The sound style and voice is simply too american. But it’s true! A real Swiss man.

Thierry Condor releases his 2nd Album entitled “Stuff like that” on April 26th.

People that know about this Music instantly understand: This record has been produced by Pro’s, including some of the finest musicians from the States. It has been produced by Urs Wiesendanger, there have been collaborations with Russel Ferrante, JAy Graydon, Chris Camozzi, to only name a few.

Thierry has been patiently crafting on his record: More than 2 years have been passed since the beginning of the production. The result is stunning: Brilliant music, beautifully produced, a great Tribute to the West Coast genre. Phil Perry, Vocal legend from the USA, even stated this on Thierry’s Version of the song “Malibu”:

“You really sound good. I love what you did with this song. I like your range, everything. I also like the pianist. You sound like El Debarge, the quality and tone.”


Blue Looks Good On You

Lucky Man (Feat. Chris Camozzi)

Lazy Nina

Memories (Feat. Jay Graydon)

Lonely Weekend (Feat. G-SAX)

If I Could Hold On To Your Love


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