We don’t do everything ourselves. Instead, we focus on what we do best and enter into partnerships with other professionals.

All these partners are among the best in their field, and so we can be just as accountable for their services as if they came from ourselves.

A close cooperation with the music industry and related organizations is more than a means to an end for us. We maintain active contact with promotion departments and label managers, offer promotion opportunities for artists on our stations, and increasingly represent a valid alternative to traditional, format-oriented radio.

In return, we benefit from the trend scouting of the labels, are regularly supplied with new products (we were the first radio company in Switzerland to receive digital samples) and can pass these advantages on to our customers in a profitable way.

We are in regular contact with organisations such as the IFPI and SUISA. We enhance our playlists with data feeds from our partners, among others.

Music Recordlabels

Data providers

Other organizations