To accompany the guests with music

Hospitality music solutions through the internet

Thanks to internet channels, music offers for hotels and restaurants which are tailored for spe-
cific customer groups and target audiences have become attainable at a reasonable price. Not
long ago, the installation of expensive music computers was neccessary to adjust to different
guests’ requirements. However,  the advantages of “streaming audio” have become obvious.
Music which is always up-to-date and adapted to respective areas and time of day while still
offering high quality is possible on demand.

The International Edition of “Relevance E-Magazine” covers different Digital Signage topics within the Hospitality industry.

We have also contributed an article, covering music solutions.

Please find the full E-Mag here. We furthermore recommend subscription of “Relevance E-Magazine” on their website.

There is also a german version available.

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